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Sexual assault and other interpersonal violence cases:

You have just been accused of sexual assault, stalking, or some other violation of your school’s interpersonal violence policies. These types of cases are different. Unlike almost every other violation, there is always a chance that it will also be handled externally in civil or criminal court. It is imperative that you handle these cases properly, or the risk of being expelled will be the least of your problems. We are experts in these issues, and can help you make sense of what happened, what the accusations mean, and how you can best respond. There are a few significant differences with these types of cases that you should know prior to retaining our services:

  1. Since these cases are much more complicated than any other type and often involve additional investigators and witnesses the cost of our consultation services is $750.
  2. While the majority of our consultants have legal training, we are not your attorneys. While attorneys often hurt your case and are not useful with the campus judicial system, these violations are essentially the only ones that bring with them the additional risk of outside prosecution. While that additional prosecution is rare, it is possible that preparing your best response within your campus system may hurt you in future civil or criminal cases. We therefore always recommend that you also obtain the services of an attorney whenever you are accused of an interpersonal violence offense. We will work with your attorney to make sure that your best chance for the best result will not hurt you down the road for no additional charge. The decision to hire an attorney is yours, but we want to make especially certain you do not confuse our help with legal advice in these matters.
  3. Since it is possible that College Judicial Consultants will have a relationship with the sexual assault advocates or student groups on your campus, it is possible that there will be a conflict in assisting you. Should that conflict arise your money will be returned and the relationship will cease, but all discussions and materials will be kept completely confidential and never voluntarily shared without your express written permission.