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Sexual assault and other interpersonal violence cases:

Something bad happened to you, and no matter what decisions you made or what anyone says, it is not your fault. Every one of our consultants has been sexual assault and interpersonal violence advocates for their entire careers, and we understand how complex and personal these issues are.

We believe you.

We want to help you take advantage of your campus judicial system to hold your attacker accountable. We do this by helping you write a complaint or present a case that forces the hearing body to remain focused on what happened to you, and by countering some of the myths and misconceptions so tragically common on college campuses and with judicial boards. We also know how difficult these issues are and how impactful the case can be, so we approach these cases slightly differently than other types of violations:

  1. We only want you to provide the information you feel comfortable providing. While it is true that the more information we have about the incident the more we can help, we want you to reveal what you want on your own schedule. This means that you should feel comfortable remaining anonymous, working through your sexual assault advocate or friend, or doing anything else you believe will help ease this process. Most schools allow a longer time to file the complaint in these types of cases, and we will never press you to move at anything other than your own pace.
  2. Despite the best intentions of most administrators and systems, the judicial process can re-victimize you by forcing you to follow a procedure you may not find comfortable, take certain actions despite your wishes, reveal details you would rather not discuss, and/or make you feel as if you are “on trial” during the investigation and hearing. We can ameliorate this by helping you to anticipate and prepare for each step of the process; understand your rights under your system and ensure they are followed; make sure you know about all available hearing concessions and other administrative obligations before, during and after the hearing; and by keeping you in charge of the pace and level of your involvement as much as possible. That being said, we cannot shield you completely and strongly suggest that you connect and work with advocates on your campus and in your community.
  3. We have experience with all types of victim responses in these cases, and can make sure that your case is not hurt because you did or did not respond in a certain way, by the events of the evening surrounding the attack, or by any of the other details that, while irrelevant, often interfere with a hearing body’s ability to make the right decision.
  4. At any point during the process you can change your mind and decide that you no longer wish to participate. Simply let us know and we will close the case and return some or all of your money based on where we are in the process. If you decide to reopen the case later, any money not returned will be credited back to you at that time.
  5. We are currently partnered with campus and community activist groups across the country, and we encourage you to take advantage of every resource available to you. If you do not know where to go, you can write or call us and we will help you find support at your school and in your area. The most important thing is that you are safe, and whether or not you use us to bring your case forward, we want to help you.