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Transition Planning

Your hearing is over, you have finished your academic program, and now it is time to apply for jobs or fellowships or to graduate school. While you have served your sanction and finished strong, potential employer(s) may find out about your judicial history if they do a background check. Most graduate schools and employers will ask you about your judicial history and many will check with the student judicial office, so chances are they will find out about your past one way or another. The good news is that your judicial history will not stop you from pursuing your dream—if you handle it properly. We have helped students articulate their history in ways which have let them successfully enter graduate and professional schools, get government clearance, get the jobs they want, and obtain numerous other goals they may have thought were beyond their reach. We can do the same for you. If you keep your contact information current with us, we can also provide you with reminders to ensure that your institution removes all notations of your misconduct and destroys your file in accordance with its policy.