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Discount Packages

Are you part of a fraternity, sorority, or other group in trouble with your school or other organization, or are you looking to get a jump on trouble you see coming? We have experienced Greek life professionals and organizational consultants who can help you prepare for a membership review, audit, judicial, or other process you’re facing. Contact us with to discuss the details and pricing.

  1. Multiple case retainer package options:
    If you believe that members of your organization will need our services over the upcoming academic year*, you can save by reserving a certain number of full consultation packages per year. For every five full consultations you reserve you save 5% (with a maximum discount of 30%).
  2. Multiple year savings package:
    For every academic year* you retain the same number of full consultation packages you receive an additional 10% per year. So if you reserve three years you will receive a 10% discount the first year, an additional 10% the second year, and an additional 10% the third.
  3. Example:
    If you are part of a Student Government Association and you reserve 30 cases a year, you will receive a 30% discount. If you reserve it for three years in a row you will receive 10% each year. Without discounts 90 cases would cost you $45,000. With the package discount that cost goes down to $28,455.

*The “academic year” is from August 15 to June 15. Unused services will not carry over unless a multiple year deal is selected. In that case the unused services will carry over for one additional year until the end of the contract. At the end of the contract all unused services will be considered expired.