How much will you tell my parents (coach, advisor, etc.)?

As much as you want us to. We do not make it a practice to contact anyone other than the client, but the client may wish for us to act as an intermediary between various people and themselves. In other words, if a client wishes for us to talk to his or her parents about what is happening, we will be happy to keep them updated and answer any questions they may have. Regardless of who is paying for the services, our obligation remains to the client only. Since our effectiveness relies partially on the openness of our clients we cannot engage in any activity or communication that might interfere with that openness. For that reason we leave it up to the client to tell us to whom we should talk and how much we should say. Unless we have strong reason to believe that the client is in imminent danger of hurting him/herself or others, this is the policy we will follow.
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