Why don't you have the prices for student organizations (fraternities, sororities, etc.)

Cases involving student organizations are significantly more complicated than those involving an individual.  Because of the additional complexities that come with working with groups (e.g. multiple interviews, outside organization interference, different judicial processes involved, etc.) we set the price for each case based on the situation considering things like the seriousness of the charges, what other entities are involved (e.g. a fraternity's National office), the judicial history of the organization, alumni involvement, and other factors which increase the complexity and the time that our consultants will spend with the organization.  That being said, our price will generally fall between 3 and 5 times that of a consultation with an individual (i.e. $1,500 to $2,500.)  Once the issues have been discussed and a price has been agreed upon, there will be no additional charges for the work done on the case (assuming the organization does not wish to have a consultant appear in person.)  An invoice for the services will be sent through PayPal and payment is expected before the consultation begins, as is the case with individual consultations.