Mission: About Us - College Judicial Consultants


College Judicial Consultants’ mission is to give our student clients the best chance for the best result possible in their judicial process. We do so by treating each case as a priority, utilizing decades of judicial and higher education experience, and providing unwavering, judgment-free support throughout the process and beyond. We will provide unparalleled client service by always:

  1. Understanding that each student is unique, deserves individual attention, and should not be pigeonholed.
  2. Making flexibility, availability, creativity, and positivity priorities in all interactions with our clients.
  3. Ensuring that the client’s voice is heard throughout the process.
  4. Helping the client stay connected to personal and university support resources to promote success outside of the judicial process.
  5. Minimizing the cost to the client through nationwide exposure, packaging services, and other savings options.