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You love being Greek. You love being part of something larger than yourself with traditions and rituals that in many cases go back more than a century. Being Greek is a commitment to values larger than yourself, the Greek community is an integral part of your campus’s identity, and it is the most important part of your college experience. Unfortunately, things happen that sometimes put you and your fraternity or sorority in a negative light and jeopardize your continued existence. Sometimes it is an incident that happens at a completely different school and in a different fraternity, but it makes all fraternities and sororities look bad. Sometimes a party gets out of control despite your best intentions, mistakes are made, and you know there will be consequences come Monday. Sometimes someone misunderstands your pledge program and you are accused of hazing, even though you and your organization are dedicated to being hazing free. Sometimes a few members get out of control and get the whole fraternity or sorority in trouble, even though the rest of your chapter hates and did not support what they did.

We understand the complexities of Greek life on today’s college campus, and we can help.

Our consultants not only understand what it means to be Greek, but have worked in Greek life and on Greek judicial matters for decades. We know mistakes happen, and we want to help your fraternity or sorority through the process to get you the best outcome possible. We know that being in a fraternity or sorority means you have pledged to live by a higher standard, but you shouldnot be accountable for things you did not do, “punished” excessively, or used as an example by anyone. Every organization has the support of dedicated professionals through their national organization, but that support does not necessarily mean that they are your best resource when your fraternity or sorority is in disciplinary trouble.

Self-governance does not mean you have to go through the hard times alone.

We offer a variety of services at every stage of the process, but we encourage an organization to get us involved as early as possible to ensure that you have the best chance for the best result. When something happens, contact us and speak with a consultant to get a sense of what we can do for you. The initial consultation is free and completely confidential. Greek life is important to you. Keeping your fraternity or sorority on campus and free from sanctions is important to us.