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At College Judicial Consultants we keep our costs low by providing our services remotely via email, telephone, and occasional video communication. Our experience tells us that we can be as helpful remotely as we can be in a face-to-face meeting, but we also know that some people feel more comfortable when the person helping them is with them. We are located in Boston, Massachusetts, but we will meet with students elsewhere for an additional cost based on the following system:

  1. Hearing attendance or live meeting within 30 miles of Boston: $200 + expenses (parking, tolls, $.50/mile).
  2. Hearing attendance or live meeting 31-100 miles from Boston: $350 + expenses (parking, tolls, $.50/mile).
  3. Hearing attendance or live meeting 101-250 miles from Boston: $500 + lodging + expenses (the lesser of parking, tolls, and $.50/mile OR transportation costs (e.g., train or plane) and $30 food per diem).
  4. Hearing attendance or live meeting more than 250 miles from Boston: $1,000 + airfare + lodging + expenses (rental car, parking, tolls, $30 food per diem).