Consulting vs. Advocacy: About Us - College Judicial Consultants

Consulting vs. Advocacy

As experienced college judicial professionals, we know the importance of maintaining the student’s voice throughout the process. Since the judicial process is at its heart educational, it is imperative that the student who is involved reflect upon the incident, his role and motivations, and the implications for the future. We help the student prepare through interviews, brainstorming, active listening, and other techniques that will allow him to best express himself in his particular system and avoid potential missteps. Our dedication to helping the student obtain the best result is accomplished by helping the student become his own advocate, as required by most systems. We cannot guarantee results, but we can guarantee that if the student works hard, communicates with us openly, and participates in our process fully, that he will be in the best possible position to succeed.

We call our services "consulting" rather than "advocacy" because, although we work exclusively for the student client, we cannot and will not speak for the student, since doing so potentially exposes him to additional disciplinary risk. We cannot undo actions taken or make a disciplinary hearing go away, but we can ensure that the student presents his particular disciplinary system with the most compelling reasons to find him less liable and/or minimize the severity of the sanctions administered. Using our services provides our clients with the best chance to turn expulsion into suspension, lessen potential suspension periods, turn short suspensions into probation, and turn probation into disciplinary warnings.