For Sexual Assault Advocacy Offices: Our Services - College Judicial Consultants

The staff of College Judicial Consultants have been advocating on issues of sexual assault and other interpersonal violence issues for our entire careers. We have created and lead male education programs, trained staff on bystander intervention, worked on grants from the Office of Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice, and done other significant work in these areas. We understand how intimidating it is for survivors to navigate the judicial system, and thus how often they choose not to use the process. Even when they do use the system, judicial board members who do not understand the issues often confront them in a way that revictimizes the survivor, making the experience that much more traumatizing. What’s worse is that even when one has the courage to endure the process, the results are often disappointing. We can help address all of the concerns and, we hope, help fix it.

We believe that with the proper guidance and preparation, more survivors will use the judicial process effectively. Even better, we can help limit or eliminate the impact of the process while offering the best chance for the perpetrators to be found liable. Since we do our consulting remotely, the survivor can maintain as much anonymity as he or she would like, and you can be there throughout the discussions to offer the additional support the survivor needs. We can even work with you on the survivor’s behalf if that would be best for her or him. We want to be a resource for the survivors you work with, and we can tailor our help to meet your office’s needs. We will be “on call” for your office for however many students choose to use us, for a fraction of our normal costs. Moreover, if you retain us we will not represent accused students on these cases at your institution, due to the conflict of interest it would create.

We also offer services to help accused students navigate the process to free you up to dedicate yourself completely to the victim, increase the overall "fairness" of the process, and eliminate the potential for allegations of institutional bias against the accused. We believe that by retaining an outside agency to assist accused students in these situations you can increase the resources dedicated to the victim without having to consider the impact on the process or the other students. While we can help accused students on a per case basis retaining us to as a standing resource allows your college or university to  stand apart from other schools in the support you offer both parties. 

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you. We can arrange pricing structures to fit almost any budget and allow you to offer expert advice for either party going through the judicial process. Once we are retained we can also review your policies, assist in developing training for your judicial boards, and offer other services at no additional cost. We want to help you be the best advocates you can be. Please contact us to see how we can partner with you to provide survivors the services they need, and ask about additional savings available for multi-year packages.